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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Year 27

YEAR 27 (April of 2007 to April of 2008)

Of course, my life changed on June 27th when my Nikon D-80 showed up! I'd started playing around with the office camera & taking an interest in photography as a hobby. I needed something to do now that I wasn't planning a wedding anymore. This was my very first photo, of course it's Zoe!

In July, H's mom's fiance passed away. He had a long and difficult struggle with alcohol addiction, and it was tragic to be a part of their lives and not be able to help either of them in a more substantive way. It was a horrific experience that I wouldn't wish upon anybody, but it was also an opportunity for me to see the devastating effects of alcohol abuse and develop a new understanding into this incredibly complex problem.

I took Humberto to my favorite place on Earth- Colorado in July for a mini-road trip.

Several of my friends were joining the blogging world & I started following many, many more blogs thanks to Google Reader. I gave into peer pressure and started a blog in July, mostly to have something to do with all my new photos I was going to be taking with my camera.

That fall, I started volunteering at a local ministry outreach tutoring math GED. I was only able to do this for one semester before I got swamped studying for my own test to pass the engineering licensing exam in April.

Fall of 2007 was H's first really big season & it was insane at his work- lots of late nights and weekends. We did manage to get away to McKinney Falls State Park in Austin in September though.

In January I completed another Houston marathon, and this time H's mom tagged along to help him do "road crew".

February anniversary trip to Brazil & Argentina.

We went to see the future President of the United States, Barack Obama, at a rally in Houston.

Zoe skins problems started in February, and she had 3 Mast cell tumors removed from her right rear leg. Her skin problems continued throughout the summer & eventually led us to think she's developed some type of food allergy.

As part of our ambitions 101 in 1001 Day of Marriage list, we started a garden to grow vegetables in our backyard.

Took the PE Exam in April and officially a licensed engineer in June!

I also wrote and presented a paper at the SAE World Congress in Detroit on my birthday, where H & I took a little weekend getaway to be tourists in Motown.

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Delilah and Rocket said...

If you make it back to Detroit for SAE again, drop me a line and we can hook up --

We'll dow smores on the river at my place and you can meet Rocket & Delilah.