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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Year 20

YEAR 20 (April 2000 to April 2001)

As I turned 20 in April of 2000, I was finishing up my last of 4 semester (2 years) at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA- an all-girls liberal arts college. My original plan had been for double-degree program where I would transfer to Mercer, GA Tech or Auburn to finish up the engineering portion of the program.

Mom came out for spring break- we toured around Atlanta and then she took us to St. Patti's day in Savannah. (Yea, technically I was 19.9, but I wanted to include this memory of my last semester in Georgia).

I completed a biatlon in Georgia & then went on to do 3 triathlons in Houston that summer. I adored my running coach & stuck with her to take a triathlon training class in the spring of 2000. I've tried to track her down & tell thank you so much for teaching a running class and making it fun, and that I've completed several marathons now, but I've had no luck finding her :(

I rode quite a bit with my step-dad that summer & looking back, I can't believe we were stupid enough to ride down the feeder roads of 290 during evening rush hour! It's obviously much more congested now, but we'd ride through Black Horse Ranch as they were finishing construction and had laid out the golf cart paths.

Started my 3rd summer interning at my company & officially found an apartment in Austin and start in the Engineering College at the University of Texas- Austin in the fall.

Tony also made it out to Austin that year for the Big Texas-Texas A&M game at Thanksgiving.

Christmas of 2000 at Grandma, a tradition I'd been attending for 20 years! Ah- the stockings, the tree that never changed year to year, the deer heads, and the painting over the fireplace that they still have with them now at the nursing home.

My favorite aunt & uncle from Denver were down around Christmas for a visit.

In March, my older cousin Katherine was married in Austin during my spring break. Tony came to visit & all the family came to town for the big bash.

The last month of my 20th years started many months of turmoil and grief. I met a guy in Austin that I would continued to date, on-again and off-again, until I finally graduated. This obviously resulted in a great deal of drama and heartache between me and Tony.

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