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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fiesta San Antonio

The highlight and purpose of our trip to San Antonio was to party it up at Fiesta! Long a tradition in San Antonio, we wanted to check it out. H & I got to town later Friday afternoon & stumbled up Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA).

There's an admission charge and all the food/drinks require tickets, but it was one big eating and drinking festival. The old town is sectioned off into various cuisines, with food and drink from that country or region. Lots of people & lots of live music.

We met up with H's friends & their girlfriends on the Riverwalk for some dinner & drinks.

Several mariachi's were floating by and playing live music- it was great!

Some random lady handed me a confetti egg and told me "Hit your boyfriend". Unfortunately, H's friend was the closest to me, so he got the egg!

Saturday, we all headed out to Market Square, which is small mall (market) and open-air area where there was another festival going on with food, music and drinks.

We were told that it was so crowded by the night time that you couldn't walk! H & Matt being silly, as Matt's girlfriend pretends not to know them.

They had some WICKED good food at this festival- everything you could imagine! These fruit cups were neat & looked delicious.

They also had the biggest variety of bad food I'd ever seen! From all sorts of marshmallows on a stick, to cheesecake- fried or chocolate covered, to fried Oreos! I'm not sure what that is on the back row- maybe fried Twinkies? We were feeling adventurous and decided to get an order of the fried Oreos and each eat 1. They tasted a bit like warm, soft donut holes with some chocolate flavor in the middle. Not too bad, but 1 was enough!

So you were freely allowed to walk around with *drinks* and bring your own. That was some dandy lemonade ;)

I have no idea about this- but this guy on his segway cracked us up.

They sold daiquiris and beer by the PITCHER! H & I decided to share one, and even then we couldn't finish it! Too sweet and filling...

There's several neat things to see downtown, but H & I went into the mirror maze. It was very fun & very disorienting. It wasn't too hard to find your way out because there were so many people. I imagine if you were in there alone & had been drinking just a little, you'd never find your way out!

Saturday evening was the big night parade through the city & we decided to walk down the parade route. We watched the Dallas-San Antonio play-off game, and there were TONS of Mavericks fan brave enough to walk through all the Spurs fans. This is our *special* friend Mark- he's got a special backpack with lots of yummy drinks, keeps us thoroughly entertaining with his antic and is up for anything.

The streets are lined with rows of chairs that various groups sell. We didn't know to buy tickets in advance, so we kept on walking into the sea of people.

Before the parade there was a costumed road-race that was very entertaining to watch- all sorts of costume and jokers running wild through the streets. We waited around for a while, but couldn't make it the last hour or two before the parade. All in all, very fun, very different, good to do every few years, great hanging out with friends.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Had a great weekend, will have a busy & fun week!

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Alleigh said...

Looks like it was a ton of fun!