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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Year 21

YEAR 21 (April 2001 to April 2002)
I spent my 21st birthday on the Riverwalk in San Antonio with my new boyfriend Christian, but most importantly I got a new fancy digital camera and stopped taking photos with my old APS camera!

I continued working the same "internship" at my company and was on my 4th year.

In June, the company offered to trad in my Blazer for a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was much nicer since they needed a Blazer for some testing they were doing. Sweet deal!

That summer, I spent a lot of time in mom's pool with Haley & Hunter.

I started my 2nd year of engineering at UT, & Stephanie came out for a visit and we of course caught a UT game.

We tore up the town and went kayaking, hiking, dancing, clubbing- we did it all!
That fall, I started working at a tutoring job where I helped high school kids prepare for the SAT test. I was saving all my money to buy a puppy in the spring.

I spent Thanksgiving in Colorado- visiting my family & Tony's family.

My friend Ashley, from school in Georgia, came out to Austin for a visit.

In January Zoe was born & in March she flew from Iowa to Austin! This is my first night with her in my apartment.

We went home for spring break that week to visit my parents. Max, our older lab, wasn't too sure what to think about this puppy.


Christy said...

Zoe was such a cute pup!
I'm enjoying the pics.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I know I'm missing the point a little, but ...... VIZSLA PUPPY!!!!!! ;-)