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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Year 23

YEAR 23- April 2003 to April 2004

Took another trip out to North Carolina to visit Tony in early May.

Trip to Boston & New Hampshire to visit Tony's family in for Memorial Day.

I'd taken several real estate licensing classes in Austin while finishing my degree, and I took a few more this summer to learn about how property is bought & sold. I put all that to use when I bought duplex in the Heights in August. "My side" required renovations & I completely gutted the little cottage before moved in to the duplex around November.

I spent the summer taking agility classes with Zoe- we had a blast!

Another Colorado trip with Tony in XX, this time to Estes Park around Halloween. It was a very rough "come to terms" that our 15th break-up should probably be final.

In November, I had Lasik eye surgery on both eyes. I'd been blind as a bat since about the 4th grade. Literally everything beyond my nose was blurry. I've worn contacts since the 6th grade & was so excited to be able to see normal again!

Ran my 2nd marathon, this time in Houston in January & my step-mom Brenda ran her first marathon.

January I was finally, finally off-again with my Austin boyfriend after one last camping trip. Seriously- my life was like better than a daytime soap opera. I'm so glad that was over. Lots of tough lessons learned the hard way.

February I met Humberto at a singles event- I'll have to blog about that story some other time. Stephanie was in town for a visit in early April & took this (first) picture of us.

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