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Monday, May 25, 2009

Year 25

Year 25 (April 2005 to April 2006)

I started off my 25th year by skydiving & I spent the rest of the year literally taking the plunge with H. I continued doing periodic (sometimes monthly) wine dinner with a group of good girlfriends, volunteering to teach sunday school for kiddies & being active in our church visitation program.

Final visit out to Miami to visit H in law school in May. We went to the Miami Zoo, the Miami Seaquarium & the beach. Yes, I still loved him when he was too poor to afford the fancy hair cuts ;)

Bought current house in May, bought some ugly green couches at a garage sale in the neighborhood, Zoe still knew she was queen! (Photo from September)

Trip to Italy &Greece in July which was an amazing time, and probably the start of our obsession with traveling the globe. H started his current job in sales late August, and last year he was #7 for sales for the entire mid-west region.

In August, Gram gifted me with the two wonderful trees that are now so big in my backyard.

October, we went camping with friends (the first and last time with these particular friends) to Pedernales Falls outside of Austin.

We went camping again in Nobvember, just the two of us and Zoe at Lake Livingston State Park.

We spent New Years Eve with our friends at the Great Greek in downtown.

I finished the Houston marathon for the 2nd time (3rd marathon). I swear at one point I had a list/log of all my races and my times, but, sadly, I can't find that any more.

He'd been home from school for over a year and was trying to decide if he wanted to return to school that fall. We went out to dinner for our anniversary in February and that was the night that I remember throwing down the "So when are we getting married?" line.

In March, it was obviously destined to be when H caught the garter at my co-workers wedding.

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