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Monday, May 18, 2009

Elida in Turkey

Final post about my mother-in-law's Eastern European Cruise. I really thought it was great that the tour stopped in Turkey, which was a neat addition that many people might not travel to on their own accord.

They saw many ancient ruins & biblical places.

We've heard great things about Turkey & places like Crete.

Hmmm...I wonder what type of event this place for used for years ago.

She visited the famous ruins at Ephesus, which is on our list of places to visit one day.

Gotta love anything with seaside and mountains.

This area looks so dry & barren, like a desert.

This is her traveling buddy at some of the ruins.

Just gorgeous! Reminds me of Greece & how I need to get back to the Mediterranean.

They had a blast hanging out together on the boat & meeting tons of Europeans.

The old world has such charm & personality.

If these walls could talk, I'd hear some great stories about the royalty that lived in this castle.

WINE! Now we are talking good stuff!


GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It was a wonderful 60 degrees here last night, and that's GREAT news since we broke our thermostat and had no A/C overnight. Have no fear- our handyman is coming to fix it today.

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