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Monday, March 24, 2008

Rodeo: Calf Scramble

The Calf Scrambles is THE BEST part of the whole rodeo. Since the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is all about kids and education, this is the perfect event. A group of high school kids line up (in the white shirts), then they turn loose 1 calf for every 2 kids. The kids simply chase a calf down, bring it back into the square in the middle and they win a scholarship to help them raise an animal next year for FFA.

And they're off!

The best word to describe this whole ordeal is pandemonium!

The girls had the guys outnumbered 2:1 on the night we watched.

Yes, this poor girl sacrificed a pair of jeans in an attempt to catch a calf.

And then the calf stepped on her!

Even when they can get their harness on the calf, that's not a guarantee the calf will actually cooperate then.

All 4 feet must come in the square, and if they catch them inside the square, they have to take them and and bring them back inside.

This calf knocked over the camera guy.

Yes, that calf is dragging on kid in the rear and harpooning another kid.

The calf shed one kids. Good times- good times!

When all else fails.....

The tail can sometimes act as a rudder to steer the calf in, but it's not generally too successful either.

Ohp! That kid is getting trampled too. This is brutal!

I'm not sure who is winning this round.

After about 20 minutes of riotous fun, the final few calves are rounded up and the remaining kids start helping each other out.

But sometimes, those calves are just STUBBORN!

So funny......

Another gal that sacrificed her jeans to the calf scramble.

After all the fun and mayhem, they start bringing out the stage and getting ready for the concert.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Some new flooring is supposedly being installed today in the boy room.


Rio Rocket said...

I have actually participated in one of these events when I was a kid in South Dakota! My grandpa volunteered me to help one of the local kids 'cause her brother chickened out on her. Pandemoneum is a good word. By the end you are utterly exhausted but it's the next day that you start to realize how beat up you are. That's when the bruises start really showing color. I ended up with a bloody nose and a fat lip but we took 2nd place. Grandpa was proud!

Courtney said...

I do believe the appropriate saying goes "only in Texas"