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Friday, March 21, 2008

Rodeo: Team Roping

On to our next great Rodeo Houston event! Team roping involves a pair of cowboys who chase a young calf out of the shot & attempt to rope it.

Good action shot!

To me, this event involves twice as much skill (and luck) as calf roping, since both the header and heeler have to make their throw.
The header is the cowboy responsible for lassoing the calf's head and then pulling the calf so that it will turn away from the other heeler.

Once the cow is turned in the direction of the header, the heeler can have a better shot at roping the cows back legs.

That's how it's done folks! Cowboys with the best time wins.

Yes, I realize it looks pretty cruel, but it's really not that bad. These calves still probably have it better than their friends on a real working ranch.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: No more traveling for almost 2 weeks!

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