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Friday, March 21, 2008

Rodeo: Bare Back Riding

Better late than never! Welcome to the 2nd event in our Rodeo series- Crazy Horse Riding! To be perfectly honest, I have no idea if this is saddle bronc or bareback riding. I thought we had both at our rodeo, but I only have one series of pics with cowboys riding wild horses. Maybe I was distracted by the ice cream cart that came by the suite for the other horse riding event.
Anyways.....the cowboy attempts to ride a slightly provoked horse for a mere 8 seconds. During those brief seconds, he holds on with only 1 hand and attempts to provoke the horse a wee bit more with his spurs. The net result, if he hangs on for dear life, is a score from the judges. 50 points for the cowboy's ride and 50 points for the horses thrilling performance.

The horses have some amazing athletic ability & can really do some fantastic moves to attempt to dismount the cowboy. This little horse is doing pretty good- the cowboy is showing very bad form and about to be bucked off!
I always smile a little bit when the horses are successful. I do feel bad about the cowboys, but not that bad ;)

Again, sorry about the crappy low-light photos, but I was still pretty happy with them considering the suite was about half a mile from the arena floor,

Looks like a bumpy ride! Go horse go!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Only working a half day today & then it's picnic time. =))

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