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Monday, March 24, 2008

Rodeo: Bull Riding

You know the last official cowboy event of the rodeo is about to start when you see the clowns come out with their bull barrels. They are there to help the cowboys and distract the bulls when necessary.

Bull riding is the toughest of the competitions, and involves receiving a score if you can hang on for a mere 8 second ride on a tornado.
The bulls come out kicking and spinning with their thousands of pounds of muscle and mean.

This poor cowboy got launched off this bull and back into the pens. Can you see him?

Just cause they can, the bulls usually get a good kick or stomp in on the cowboys once they toss them off.

Here is a cowboy showing excellent form and using his extra hand for balance.

And if you don't get kicked or stomped coming off, you might get hooked or horned!
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: No cowboys, cowgirls, bulls, calves or clowns were harmed in the making of the rodeo (at least the night I went).

1 comment:

Rio Rocket said...

God bless those 'clowns' !!!