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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rodeo: Calf Roping

Welcome to your first blog review of a rodeo event! Standard disclaimer for this week: I know these pictures are awful. The light was very low, I cranked up the ISO but had to keep the shutter speed high enough to sort of stop the quickly moving cowboys and livestock, all while using my super-zoom lens & then finally cropping some more.
Calf roping involves a cowboy on a horse chasing a calf that has been let out of it's chute. The cowboy will throw his rope to lasso the calf & then must run to the calf to tie it up.

If you have a really good horse, the second you hop off, the horse will start backing up to remove the slack from the rope.

The cowboy must then pick up the calf and put it down on it's side so he can tie it's legs.

You only have to get 3 of the 4 legs tied up (I have no clue why!).

Then you raise your hands in proclamation of victory & the judge will stop the clock.

This was repeated for 8 different cowboys who were competing that night in a round, all hoping to advance to the finals.

Have you ever tried to throw a lasso? It's HARD!

This cowboy did a grate job & you can tell his horse is keeping the lasso line tight.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Off to Massachusetts!


Rio Rocket said...

Yes, I have tried to lasso. It's darn hard. I've also been bucked off, bit and kicked by a horse, head butted by a mean calf, stomped on while milking a cow and chased by a bull. Cowboy life ain't easy. I learned the hard way not to squat with my spurs on!

I'm half county and half city girl and wouldn't change a thing. I know all the ranching/farming in South Dakota has made me a much more well rounded person. Wish I could ship some of these city kids around Detroit area to the country for a reality check! An international harvester isn't the same as a Cadillac CTS!

Rocket's Mom

Christy said...

I hate calf roping, for some reason I have find it cruel to the calf. :(