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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Working in the Tundra

Due to some technical difficulties (me accidentally deleting an entire entry on bare back riding in this week's rodeo series) I'll have to post it tomorrow. We can reminisce about my time in the tundra last week!

It was even an adventure getting to middle-of-nowhere Minnesota. We flew to Minneapolis, then took a flight on the black arrow to Bemidjii, then drove the green arrow up to Baudette to work, drove the orange arrow to International Falls, flew the blue arrow to Hibbing, and then flew the purple arrow back to Minneapolis, then finally home! It was a lot of traveling and a lot of coldness!

You know it's cold when they have a mini-ski hill right inside the city.

We were out working on this mostly abandoned airport in a small town. Anybody have any clue what that white rounded cone thing is? It randomly reminded me of Sugarloaf in Rio ;)

I really almost died that day. It was about 34 degrees, but VERY windy! Luckily, the shop guys had a coverall suit they let me borrow. I was snug as a bug in a rug working outside for a few hours.

I don't see how people live through this cold! I'm such a wuss! The wind was the worst! My poor hands did need a melt-break a few times & I hopped back in the car so I could keep survey and writing.
Yea, so what if the suit was for a 6' tall man? I worked it and was so happy and thankful! Where are my sunny Florida trips when I need them?

I love flying home and watching the sunset out of the plane window. It's such a neat experience and I so rarely sit still long enough on the ground to fully appreciate the sun setting.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's not quite that cold today here in Springfield, MA.


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Rio Rocket said...

34F! You are a southern belle! When the weather gets above the freezing mark (32F) we break out the light weight coats.

Try standing at the dog park in 10F while your Vizsla runs his paws off with the other hoodlems.

You're too funny!

If I'm not mistaken (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) I think the 'cone' thing is an airport beacon device. It sends a signal to the planes in the sky and tells the planes radar where they are and allows air traffic control to track planes via the radar system that's antiquated.

As for the suit .... it made me think of the line in a Van Halen song -- Panama -- "THAT SUIT IS YOU!"

Can't wait to see the calf roping pictures!

Hope you're some place warmer and defrosting.

A Real Librarian said...

Bemidji ROCKS my FACE off!! I'm in MN right now, and I'm glad it's warmed up some!!!

Christy said...

Yuck--I hate cold weather. But you look super cute in that outfit. :D

Ashley said...

That's a VOR, which is sort of an ancient (though still used) aviation navigation system. It uses radio frequency, and is sort of "sketchy" and non-exact, but is still used at many smaller airports for instrument flight rules.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

See, this is why we left upstate New York and moved to southern California! ;-)

jmaze3 said...

Mandy that is a VOR. Here is a link As previously stated it is a Radio beacon that puts out 360 degree radials in the sky for planes to follow and we can use two to establish position. We are gradually moving to GPS but VOR's are still in widespread use today.