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Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet Ruby

I'm so excited about Ruby!! One of my best friends Tony, decided to rescue a Vizsla after being our unofficial dog-sitter when were are out of town and my parents are busy. He's been around Zoe since she was a puppy and often takes her for fun weekends. He picked up Ruby the day after returning Zoe while we were on our South America vacation.

"I know there' are birds in this tree! I can smell them!"

Since Zoe had her surgery right after we returned and I've been swamped studying, I hadn't had a chance to hang out with Ruby much or introduce the dogs.

Fortunately, Tony had to travel out of town this week, so Ruby got to hang out with my super-cool parents and their Vizsla sitting service.

She had an awesome time in their backyard, with all it's bugs and birds and things to explore.

I couldn't distract her long enough to get her to look at me! She was after something in that bush.

I had to take her inside to get some good shots. She's such a sweet pup, but I'm so spoiled by having Zoe trained to my liking. I'm sure Tony will do an awesome job teaching her all the doggie-ways in no time at all.

I can't wait till Ruby & Zoe can hang out some more at the park! They got along fairly well so far, but I'm sure they will be buddies in no time at all.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm sooooo excited to have a puppy "niece".


Dennis the Vizsla said...

She looks like a typical vizsla sweetie!

Rocket said...

Oh Ruby! You are a pretty girl. How old are you? I'm so glad you were rescued. Every doggie deserves the best home for him/her.

That backyard looks like fun! I think I'd like to stay at Zoe's grandparents too!

Maybe your new dad could start a blog about you!!!