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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rodeo: Barrel Racing

Finally time for some girl run in the Rodeo! 3 large barrels are set up in the above pattern, and a rider attempts to creates a clover-leaf pattern around them and race back in the fastest time.

I love watching this event because the horses are so powerful and beautiful as they race around the arena.

A really good horse (and rider) will turn as close to the barrels as possible to save on time. They will tuck their rear-end low and swing tight- sometimes even knocking a barrel over, which results in a penalty.

After the last barrel, there is the final sprint back to the finish line for the prize money.

The actual highlight of barrel racing is the fancy costumes all the cowgirls wear.

Who has the most tassels and sequins gets extra points. (J/k)

With the limitations of my 200mm lens and even a super-crop, I can't adequately show off the flamboyant outfits these gals sport while on a horse.

The above horse, making such a wide turn around the barrel, is bad form.

Even worse form! You need to stay near the barrel to not lose those precious thousandths of a second.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Happy Easter- let us celebrate the risen Christ.

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