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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rodeo: Steer Wrestlig

Today's rodeo event is steer wrestling- where a cowboy must jump from his running horse, tackle a young calf and then tie up his feet as quickly as possible.

The cowboy is closer to us in the photo & there is an assisting cowboy who helps sandwich the steer between the horses to the cowboy can jump off for the tackle.

Yup, that's NOT how do you do it. Calf must have hit his breaks.

Again, standard disclaimer for the poor pictures in low light!

This is another bad sign- you want to keep the calf between the two horses. It cracks me up that the horse appears to be kicking the calf though. The one that got away....

Let's see how this cowboy does with steer wrestling....

He's at least got the calf and put on the breaks while his horse runs off.

Now the steer wrestling starts. The cowboys must wrestle with the calf until his hoofs come off the ground.

I swear there is a little calf in there somewhere.

This cowboy looks like he's about to miss!

The turned towards me finally instead of running straight.

The ever effective cowboy breaks. I wonder who does their laundry.....

I see a tail and a hat!
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Easter dinner with the family tonight.

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