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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad Work Things

The last few weeks of traveling for work have been some of the worst I can remember. Here's why.... 2:30 flight CANCELLED

4:00 flight CANCELLED

5:00 flight CANCELLED
6:00 PM flight lands at 2AM!!

7:18 flight CANCELLED
~~ Glad I just drove home from Dallas last Monday. ~~

Other things that made for an interesting inspection. What is that??

Oh I hope what ever is in THOSE doesn't come out anytime soon!

Any why?? Why is there all this mud all over the car?

More YUCK!

And another threat! At least it didn't sting me!
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Travel & work in April will be much better (hopefully)!


Rio Rocket said...

We depart April 8th for Dallas .... the weather will be better by then? RIGHT?

Amanda said...

Wow. Cancelled flights are bad...creepy mutant bugs are even worse.

Anonymous said...
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