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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt

Matt is one of H's best friends since junior high- isn't that amazing? Matt and H were actually together the night we met, and one of our first date's was to the Rodeo BBQ Cook-off with Matt & Mike in 2004. I'll save the photo of Matt riding the mechanical bull for next year.

We tend to spend holidays with H's friends, and this is Matt & Mark celebrating Christmas Eve 2005 at the Great Greek. I'll have to dig out the photos of us dancing with the belly-dancers that night too.

Of course, Matt & Mark made the trek with us to Puerto Vallarta last February for our wedding and both stood by H as we exchanged vows.

I'm not telling you how old he is, but we had a surprise crawfish boil at his house last year for his birthday.

And of course, the gang doing what they love best- cheering on the Rockets last the play-offs.

And finally, the 3 Musketeers on their hunting weekend. Yes, I still laugh every time I see this photo!


GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We had an awesome time at dinner last night for Matt with all his friends.

1 comment:

Rocket said...

What great memories. Did Zoe get to go hunting with the boys or was it just 'boys only' ???