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Monday, April 28, 2008

Wonderful Relaxing Weekend

Finally! After all the excitement of the past few weeks and studying of the last few months, we had a weekend to relax and unwind. I headed to Sams Club on Friday afternoon, to re-stock our freezer with yummy stuff for our new grill.

We enjoyed a tasty rotisserie chicken for dinner, and then finished up Primary Colors on our DVR. That movie is so true to life that it just made me upset watching it. I also had a chance to watch the Biography channel's show in Pol Pot- which was fascinating and tragic at the same time.

Saturday, we met our newest tenant for the cottage early in the morning. Then we checked out furniture for H's boy room. We returned some things to Bed Bath & Beyond, and used a store credit to buy some candles for my office, a new shower head and a gift for mother's day. We dropped into DSW, where I bought some pink flip-flops and H picked up some sandals too.

On the way home, stopped by Blockbuster and picked up Wii Olympics 2008 and Lions for Lambs for Saturday night. We also checked out Sam's for furniture, and we found a recliner and desk that H really wanted for his room. We feasted on steaks and wine for dinner, before playing our game and watching our movie.

Sunday we enjoyed church, then Meet the Press and Obama, who was on Fox news. H put together his desk and worked on his room. I played with some photos and decided to order some canvases of our trip to Brazil and Argentina to go over the window in our breakfast area, adjacent to our other wall art. Yea, I'm that dorky that I did a trial lay-out with them all in Auto-CAD.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Another relaxing weekend coming up in...oh July!

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