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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garden Update

The day after his birthday & party, I made H work on our garden. We some 4x12's at Home Depot and they cut them for us, so we'd have an 8' by 4' garden.

Zoe approves of the bed, but wants to know when she can play in there.

Since we'd been in Detroit the previous weekend, we couldn't do it then, and the plants were ready to go into the ground. The squash grew the fastest & their little roots made it difficult to pull them out of the container.

I struggled and struggled to get some of the plants out of thier shell. I felt really guilty when I would accidentally pull them out and break all the roots. Luckily, most rows had 6 plants, but we only had room for 5 plants in the bed.

Last Sunday, I planted 3 rows- which included the squash, onion and then cucumbers.
By last weekend, the 3 varieties of tomato plants were coming right along!

We even had some activity on the basil or cilantro plants too!

Monday night, the 21st, I planted 2 rows- including the watermelon and cantelope.
Zoe is not too fond of all this water interupting her running room in the yard.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My brother's baseball team is 9-0!

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Rhonda said...

That makes me want to plant a garden.