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Monday, April 21, 2008

Detroit Downtown

One of my favorite things about traveling, especially to other parts of the country, is to see the unique architecture and personality of other big cities and other downtown areas.
Everywhere I looked in downtown Detroit was a great photographic opportunity waiting to happen. However, my explanation for the lack of *great photographs* is that most of these snapshots were taken as we were driving around, through a window, from the warmth of our dorky rental car.

Lots of old historical buildings, especially churches, that had amazing details and incredible architecture.

Downtown areas are a great mix of old, classic architecture with the sleek modern new skyscrapers.
Many, many, MANY abandoned buildings. There aren't many of these in Houston, so I was incredibly fascinated by them.

Who used to live here? When did they leave? What's wrong with the building now? Can it be fixed? Will anybody ever live there again? What stories does the building hold?

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Off to Corpus Christi for a short day of work.

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