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Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Canada Adventure

So Saturday afternoon, after our visit to Motown and lunch in Greektown, we decided just to drive around and check out the city. We say the signs to Canada and said "Hey- why not?"

The entrance to the tunnel is beside the GM Building and Marriot plaza. There is a sign here I really wish I had taken a photo of for later. It said "NO PASSPORT NEEDED".

We paid the toll and headed through the long tunnel, hoping that we didn't have to wait in that long line of cars re-entering the United States.

We pop out of the tunnel on the other side of the bay in Canada and our trouble starts!

The Canadian Immigration officer was slightly upset we didn't have our passports, only our drivers license. He didn't understand we just wanted to drive around, see the city, say we'd been to Canada and then go home. He asked all sorts of questions and didn't believe me when I said I saw a big sign saying "NO PASSPORT NEEDED".

But he eventually lets us go after scolding us and we tour glorious Windsor, Canada. The Detroit skyline is quite beautiful from across the Bay. I was told the buildings were supposed to symbolize the middle finger. Hee hee....

One day I'll teach my husband how to properly use the camera and get me in focus. ;)

They were building (or had just finished) a fancy looking Caesar's Palace hotel and casino. We couldn't find anything exciting or even a place to grab a drink, so we decided to head back to our hotel.

We were laughing quite a bit at their unusual stores.

All three of these were money exchanges or some sort under a big shiny building.

We decided to take the bridge back to the US, hoping the line would be shorter. It was but we caught some serious hell from the Customs & Border Patrol. Apparently the rules changes at the end of January, and you *MUST* have some proof of citizenship. A driver's license won't do it. I'd never heard about this new rule, only the passport rules for flying to Mexico & Canada. OOPPPS!!!

After we got pulled over, and went into their office, they were able to pull our passports and verify our citizenship. Another lecture, and we were on our way back to glorious, under-construction, abandoned Detroit and never happier to be back in the US.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We've got NO plans this weekend- finally!

1 comment:

Rocket said...

OH MY GOD! You went across the river without your passport! Oh lord you are so lucky they let you back in.

I have to laugh, you're so from Texas .... we call it the river as its not a bay. Tooo cute!