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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Boom Boom Room

Who could resist a place with such a name? The above photo pretty much typifies everything about the Heights- random, chaos, mess, funky, industrial and unique.

The first thing I loved about this place, other than it's a few block away from my old house, is the awesome bold colors.

Seriously, I'd do my dining room pink with a gaudy chandelier if my husband would let me.

Oh, and the fresh flowers on every table were awesome. They smelled great and where fun to photograph.

I was stuck sitting at this bar for 3+ hours on a Friday afternoon waiting on repair man to come and fix the utility disaster I'd been fighting all week.

There was quite an after-work crowd, young & diverse. They had typical wine bar snacks, desserts and paninis to munch on if you got hungry.

I'd love to go back with H sometime, although their outside seating isn't as fabulous as some other places, who really wants to be outside in the middle of a Houston summer?

There is a fine piano and a sign assured me that live music cranked up around my usual bedtime.

Yea, I know the photo is sideways. I like it better this way!

Can't wait to go back when I'm not so upset about repairmen and can share my pink decorating ideas with my husband.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We started our garden this weekend!

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A Real Librarian said...

What a cool looking place!!