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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zoe & Broccoli

As Zoe has had to move away from traditional processed dog treats, I've tried her on some more whole fruits & veggies. Since I've recently discovered the joys of broccoli, Zoe has benefited with some stalks.
"Should I lick it?"

"Should I step on it?"

Her chin & paws are getting so white! She does love it now when I cook- she usually get some type of treat when I'm done.

She wasn't too sure what to do with it & bit a few pieces off, but was otherwise mostly unsuccessful until I took it away from her and gave her a real treat.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Congrats to one of my favorite Vizsla blogging buddies, Dennis the Vizsla dog, for winning the 2nd Anniversary Giveaway. Try to keep that gift card away from Trixie & Tucker! Thanks to everybody else for leaving comments :)


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello amanda its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay gosh i didnt ekspekt to win ennything i wuz just beeing my yoozhual frendly self but thank yoo!!! and happy blogoversary agin!!! i wil mayk shoor to keep the card away from trixie and tucker and espeshly trouble hoo wood probly just yooze it to buy more ekwipment for her effort to tayk over the wurld ha ha ok bye

Laila said...

I love broccoli, too! And lettuce, and watermelon, and apples, and honeydew, and carrots, and green beans, and asparagus, and cantelope, and . . .