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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Franschhoek & Grande Provence Winery

On to our second winery, we entered the Franschooek Valley, probably one of the most scenic places on our entire trip.

There had been some recent fires in the area & it was so sad to see the beautiful hills charred by flames.

This is probably one of my absolute most favorite photos of our entire trip. I'm scheming up a place to have this blown up and hanging in our house somewhere.

It was great to see the vineyards creeping up the hills sides at the base of the mountains.

It's really hard to tell, but those are some of the many fruit tress that were also growing in the valley.

Our next winery was much more French-styled and had a very different feel than our first stop.

This was the amazing view from Grand Provence Estates, which dates back over 300 years.

More bare vineyards, but a beautiful view.

The grounds of the winery reminded me of an art museum- lovely shade trees, relaxing fountains, interesting sculptures and a sidewalk cafe.

I bet they have some pretty spectacular weddings on the grounds.

We sat inside at the bar, but still enjoyed the wonderful fresh air as all the doors and windows were open.

Life is good Good GOOD!

That's the look I get that says "Please stop taking photos & put down the camera, other people are starting to stare!"

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 2-day road trip to California & 2 days in the office before a much needed long weekend of staying home.

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