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Friday, July 3, 2009

Guest Room Remodel

Taking a quick break on the vacation photos as we are done with Cape Town & will be moving onto our safari. Before we left, I finished re-decorating our guest bedroom. When I moved into our house, it had a single orange wall. We've collected some various furniture- H's old queen bed, a etagere from my great-grandfather's house & a rocking chair from my grandparents.

While H was out of town one weekend, I put up a coat of primer & then went green!
I'd found a really nice linen set that I liked for the room & decorated around the bedding.

I love the new color & I put up some light sheers over the windows, using extra material from pillowcases for tie-backs.

I love the light, soothing green leaf print & the various shades of green on the bed. I found some great matching wooden art to hang on the wall above the bed & picked up a little nightstand and light for guests.

So- opinion time. Should the leaves be pointing up (towards the head of the bed) or pointing down (towards the foot of the bed, like in this photo)? H & I disagree, and I'm confused about where they put the seam on the duvet cover.

I bought an open set off Ebay & it came with an extra set of pillowcases. I had them framed and thought they looked great on the wall.

I think it's neat to have some furniture from my grandparents & an item that I remember from my great-grandfather.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Woohoo- no work today! Looking forward to my long holiday weekend of relaxing- no travels for us!

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Very nice guestroom -- you could charge rent for it!