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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Other Animals

These crested fancolins were too funny- they were almost like chicken, but they loved to stand in the middle of the roads & refused to get out of the way. They'd run in front of us for a few hundred feet before deciding to duck into the grass.

At camp there were some very brazen vervet monkeys that proved quite entertaining at breakfast and lunch. They'd run up to your table and snatch something off your plate if you weren't paying attention.

They'd mostly sit off to the sides and wait to grab something from a service tray or the cupboard.

One morning, we saw quite a few on the boardwalk back to our room. Their faces are too cute, but you can see the mischief.

I think this is going to be my last safari post. It's taken me forever to get through all the shots I took in our 2.5 days on game drives. This is probably one of my all time favorite sunrise photos I took while there.

Not sure how our tracker spotted this gecko as we were cruising by at 15 mph, but they have some amazing eyes to spot some tiny animals.

The 2 other couples on our truck with us were really into birds. I'd never paid too much attention to them, but we saw some gorgeous birds on our drives.

This iridescent Cape Glossy Starling was fairly common to see but still so remarkable.

This bird didn't even look real with all of his bright beautiful colors, but I think it is a lilac breasted roller.

We spotted and watched this hawk (??) for quite a while and I took some awesome shots of him flying around. Did I mention birds are VERY difficult to photograph?

One night on our way back to camp, we spotted this chameleon.

We saw a handful of Kudu each day on our drives- the males have some beautiful spiral horns.

Just a regular old bunny!

A Southern yellow-billed hornbill, which were quite numerous.

Some type of little marmot.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Whew! I thought I'd never finish with all these safari photos!

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