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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lions- Two Brothers

Early on our second morning, we had news that many of the workers had heard the lions roaring overnight. The others in our group had seen a pride of 17 lions the night we arrived late because of airplane problems. So we set off to see if we could find more lions. Our trackers were great and within an hour, we'd found 2 older, male lions known as 2 Brothers.

The one brother was already laying down in the shade, but his brother walked in behind us after we parked. Our guide explained that this particular lion had feline tuberculosis and had been very ill recently. You can see how skinny he appears and how thin his mane looks. He had quite a few sores on him, but our guide assured us he was looking much better than before.

It was honestly amazing to be so close to these guys & I was going crazy with my 300mm lens. Their eyes are so haunting.

These two guys were just chilling out- getting ready for their morning nap.

I got REALLY lucky and one of them started roaring (which sounded much more like grunting to me) & I quickly grabbed my little camera to get some awesome footage.

And....with a flick of his tail, back to his nap. I think these guys would be impossible to see if they were laying in the distance- they blend so well with the grass and brush.

Soaking up the sun!

We pulled out of this small area so another group could get into see the brothers.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Bonus day at work was a good one!

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