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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our South African Art

We had the awesome privilege of meeting a wonderful painter, Miq Miles, who had a beautiful three-panel sunset painting that we both thought would look awesome in our house. Better than any trinket or t-shirt we could bring back from our trip, we decided some artwork was a better investment. The art prices on almost everything were so much cheaper compared to what we'd pay for something similar in the states.

Our only problem was getting it home. We spent about 3 hours driving around the airport, around town, around shipping companies before settling on the good old South African postal service. After waiting in line, we discovered they don't take credit cards & had to ATM a few more South African rand during our last few hours in the country to be able to ship our painting home.

I was only giving it 50/50 odds that it would actually make it to the US & make it in one piece. It arrived at my office about 2 weeks after we'd returned home & of course Zoe had to investigate.

We ended up hanging it in our kitchen area in the little walk-through between the bedroom and the dining area.

We both really love it & think it was totally worth the hassle of shipping it home.

The other thing I really like about the painting is that it has some depth to the paint & some texture on the canvas.

Did I also mention that I loved these trees when we saw them out on safari? I'm so glad we found such an awesome piece of art as our souvenir from South Africa.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: DONE! At least with South Africa photos. I'll pick up and return to Mauritius in a few days once I get caught up on some other blogging things.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

LOL, that's exactly how Tucker treats every package that enters our house. Gorgeous painting!

Lee said...

Awesome Looking. Even though am not a water colorist. I like watching many paintings, especially the African Arts. It will be amazing.

silva said...

Really beautiful. I loved the texture on that painting. It looks awesome. I have an African glass painting just like this and it also looks beautiful like this one.
African art