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Monday, July 6, 2009


Our next stop on this blog safari is our Impala, which I was informed are "like the McDonalds of the bush- there's one on every corner."

They are pretty easy to pick out because of the distinctive horizontal line across their deer-like frame. The older males have some pretty impressive horns too.

Sometimes we'd get pretty close to them & they wouldn't even notice us & other times they were much more skittish. It might have had something to do with if they sensed other predators or dangers in the area.

They are the basic meat source for many other larger animals & a favorite of the lions.

There's usually one older male & his cadre of females that follow him around.

We did come across a group of young Impala who were playing & play-fighting.

It was really fun to watch & we'd felt like we got to see something special.

I was also quite impressed with their ears- they are like giant radar that they can rotate back and forth.

Boys will be boys!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Had an awesome long weekend of relaxing & getting caught up on all my stuff.