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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Elephant vs. Tree

On our same morning drive the first day, we came across a huge male elephant that had just plowed down a rather large tree.

We were able to get very close to him, since there was a tree in between us.

We could see that one of his tusks had been broken off a little bit, his 6" long eyelashes, the hundreds of wrinkles on his trunk and watch him tear off a few branches of the tree for breakfast.

Then he walked around to the top of his tree conquest and was staring us down.

We were still behind a smaller tree, so we could stay so close as he munched on a few more branches.

It was really spectacular to be so close and to watch how agile his truck was as he made short work of some fairly large tree branches.

With zoom lenses & cropping, it's hard to get an appreciation for how close we were, but I love this shot of us on our back seat & you can see just how close we were & that I was frantically changing out lenses to get the best shots.


GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Made a 3-year commitment to our church back in 2006 to build new buildings & start a new church in a fast-growing part of Houston. We are officially done & the new church has been operating out of a school for 5 months now!

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