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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking Lonely?

This photo is from a few months back, but I thought I'd do a little Zoe update. When we returned from Africa at the beginning of June, I decided to totally take her off the steroids for her skin. She'd had some blood work done that revealed she was allergic to a host of things, but mostly corn, grain & poultry products. Now that we know to avoid those, hopefully she'll be better. Also, the holistic vet has developed a special power supplement just for her that contains a few of the things she was nutritionally deficient in, plus some extra, more natural things to help her coat, the allergies and the skin bacteria. She's been on that since the end of June, along with her single protein food and is doing great (until she steals a loaf of bread from the counter...).

When I got Zoe over 7 years ago, I'd always wanted to have 2 dogs. I've obviously been pretty busy with life since then- a demanding job where I travel, getting married and traveling a ton, but I think H and I have decided it's time to get our 2nd dog. The timing this fall will be great for us- H will be busy working long nights, so not much travel and I'll have time to attend classes with a puppy. The puppy will hopefully be out of the puppy stage by the time we even *think* about having kids (urgh...did I just write about kids?!?! gak!!!). Zoe is getting older and I wanted to introduce a puppy before she was too old and a puppy would drive her too nuts.

So.....I pick up our puppy in Louisville in about 3.5 weeks. The puppies are 6 weeks old today & getting so big each week. I'm excited for the challenges of a new puppy and for H to have the joys and excitement of raising a puppy. Although he's had dogs most of his life, he's never had a real puppy. It should be interesting to see how we handle some of the fun of raising a "baby".

I'm still tossing around name ideas & would love some help. I think I will have to wait to see the puppy before deciding on a name, but I'm tossing around: Sadie, Josi, Ellie, Allie. Any other suggestions?

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Watch the puppies grow on their own blog, although it technically belongs to their beautiful mother Potter.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

The pups are adorable! Out of your name suggestions I like Josi.

We have a number of vizsla puppies in rescue out here and we would love to get one, but three dogs is all we can handle for now!

Delilah and Rocket said...

A puppy changes everything that's for sure! I still remember all those sleepless nights and 2am potty runs. For about 3 weeks Rocket must have thought his name was "no!" He still has a hard time with that word.

As for a name ... what's the official name of the mother & father?

Please don't name her Sadie. That's an ex-wife's name around these parts.

How about:
-- Harlow, after the lovely Jean Harlow
-- Graycen, variation of Grace
-- Bonnie, blue bonnet flowers
-- Star, for the Lone Star State
-- Hennesy like the whiskey
-- Zahara
-- ZsaZsa {Gabor}
-- Athena, a greek godess
-- Alexa
-- Arazi, after the stunning horse by the same name

Christy said...

Awww they are really cute pups! Congrats on getting a new puppy!

Poo! said...
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Poo! said...

I vote Dosi from that list...but I also really ruff Arazi that D & R mentioned...since the pups ARE born in the Bluegrass and BOTH their mom and dad were born here too!! The litter will have a Bluegrass registered theme too :)

Poo! said...

Sorry JOSI!!

Courtney said...

First off - CONGRATS!!!! I can't wait for those pics. Make sure to smell that puppy breathe for me!
We are currently fostering a little girl named Daisy, and I find it hard for them to understand who I am calling with Riley and Daisy. Hence, now they go more by Rye and Daise. What I am trying to say is that another EY name might be difficult.

April Ziegler said...

I'm so excited for you... Congrats on your new addition! I like Josie... what about Stella? That was on our list when we got Lucy but it didn't seem to suit her. A friend of mine is getting a Vizsla pup in a few weeks... a photo shoot will def be in order :)