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Friday, July 10, 2009

Elephant Family

I've got lots of beautiful sunrise and sunset photos to share, so I think I'll drop one in each animal thread. Enjoying the beautiful sky twice a day was one of my favorite things about being outdoors & on safari.

One afternoon, we could see & hear elephants from our porch. You can usually see trees and bushes shaking and moving before the elephants emerge. This large group was just across the river from the viewing platform.

I'd love it when they'd flap their ears out to cool themselves and make them appear larger to other elephants.

It was also quite fascinating to watch the agility on their trunks- they could grab and manipulate small branches & I was very impressed.

They were just grazing through eating some of the several hundred pounds of food they need each day.

Hubby was enjoying the show & I was enjoying my 300mm lens.

This guy with all the dirt on his back cracked me up.

And then there was a baby!

And then they started snuggling and touching trunks. Too precious!

Heading back over the main hotel, everybody was gathered to head out on the afternoon safari & they were also enjoying the show.

My other post about the Lodge itself was getting long, so I saved a few for this post. This was the great boardwalk- totally surrounded by trees & foliage.

It leads right down to the infinity pool. Although it was super-hot, I preferred a nap in the afternoon to pool time.

From the pool, you could see the dry river bed & the actual river. I'm certain you could have also seen the herd of elephants earlier in the day.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Steak & shrimp dinner at home tonight with some nice cool white wine!

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Alleigh said...

What great pictures...and the infinity pool looks beautiful.