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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grace Hotel & Sunday Market

We stayed at a lovely hotel called The Grace in the Rosemont area of Johannesburg. It was a beautiful older hotel, with tons of character and history.

After the outside shower at Lion Sands, H had to settle for peep out window shower on the 7th floor.

We were so exhausted from our adventures first full week of vacation & we needed a day just to lay around and do nothing!

It was a very formal hotel with tons of personality. Each floor had a beautifully painted piece of art as you stepped off the elevator.

The balcony on each floor was open below & the second floor was connected to the mall.

We wandered downstairs to discover there was a wonderful flea market that is only open on Sundays.

There were dozens of local artists showing off all types of paintings and other crafts. We bought something....come back tomorrow to see what!

Tons of trinkets and dollar-store type of items, but they did have some live music playing and a few hot food stands where you could try some local flavor.

I loved seeing all the spices for sale in giant bags- it's so neat that's done similar but slightly different in every country.

There was this women & she'd made all this food at home and brought it to the market to sell. I was so amazed & asked if I could take her photo. There were also fresh breads and cheeses for sale that looked really yummy.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: One of our good friends is graduating from the police academy tonight.

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