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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zoe & the Wasp

These are from a few weeks ago. Every night when H gets home from work, he and Zoe have a routine. She runs around excited and whimpers until he changes from his fancy work clothes into some relaxing clothes and can properly greet her with a good roll around the bed.

They are too cute together!
Now- on to the wasp.....

All sorts of bugs end up in the house and Zoe loves to chase them, especially anything that flies.

This wasp must have been stuck in between the window and the blinds.

I knew she wasn't going to get it and it wasn't about to fly out and get her, but it was sure funny watching.


Funny girl- I'm sure she wouldn't be very happy if she did actually get a wasp one day.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Zoe's back is healing up well. We're going to the dog park with Ruby on Saturday!


Rocket said...

I do the same thing when Mom comes home. She calls them "zoomies". I go nuts and get into everything so she will pay attention to me.

WASP! oh no Zoe don't do that! Mom/Dad only let me chase flies and spiders.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Reminds me of the time Tucker was trying to catch a yellowjacket. He didn't get stung, but it was close.

Amanda said... cute! I have to do that to the puppies too when I come home from work. Charlie just wiggles and snarls until I'm changed and can pet him.

And Charlie LOVES to stalk flies into corners. I hope Zoe didn't get stung!

Loki said...

Aw, your husband and mine do the same thing with the dog when they get home (well, except mine changes out of dirty cammies before he rolls around in bed rather than fancy work clothes). Loki helps undress Jason by untying the shoes (more like pulls the strings tighter) then follows Jason upstairs where they promptly have a big wrestle session/play hide and seek with Loki in the covers.