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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mud Maddness

There was one more thing that made our Jazz Fest Experience even more memorable- the mud! From the early morning storms and the rain the previous day, the horse track was a MESS!

I really need some cute pink goulashes like that! It started out as "navigable", where we could find areas of semi-dry grass or grass that was sort of passable.
As the day wore on, and we sought out food and wine, we had to enter the mud pits.

I made it through most of the day without getting to muddy, even resorting to some fancy acrobatics along some metal barrier to pass one particularly nasty mud pit.

Most people there had mud all over there shoes, but there were defiantly some people that took it to the next level and looked like they'd been rolling around in the mud or splashing it on each other.

Especially as we walked on the dirt portion of the track itself, mud just went everywhere. Luckily as the golf carts and 4-wheelers whizzed by, I managed to avoid getting hit with their spray.

Not too bad at the end of the day! I'd stolen H's hat since he'd told me not to take one and I'd had about 3 mini-bottles of wine and several hours of sun.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Off to San Francisco tonight.

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