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Monday, May 26, 2008

Ruby in Action

I had SO MUCH FUN at the park with Tony's vizsla Ruby. She's so energetic and social- running around, checking out everything, playing in the water, sprinting back to us.
Nothing is cuter than a dog shaking off!

She liked Zoe to chase the tennis ball, and then she would chase Zoe. She wasn't too interseted in getting the ball herself, she just wanted to play with other dogs.

She'd run back and forth around the dog-bone shaped pond, checking out other dogs and occasionally wading in the water.

So adorable and expressive!

Near the end of the play-date when we'd worn her out a bit.

Not so good (yet) with catching the ball. Tony rescued her in February & he's made lots of progress working with her the past few months.

Zoe is jealous of her long tail.

Get ready! Get set! Go....

The tongue hanging out was awesome.

And of course, she needed a bath when we left since she actually played in the dirt & water (unlike Zoe).

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Long weekends are awesome. Hope everybody has a great Memorial Day!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Awww, she's sweet. She's a rescue, eh? Maybe she knows Dennis ... ;-)

Rocket said...

Awwww, kisses from daddy. Ruby you are a lucky girl to be rescued and you get play dates with Zoe. How cool!