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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden Week 6

Everything on this end of the garden looks good from all the rain we've had in the last few weeks.
Week 6 started off by transferring the final rows of plants from the starter kit to the ground. The jalepenos and all 3 varieties of tomatoes are growing with the rest of the plants. I needed to clean off the table for our Mother's Day party. Here are the tomato plants before they went into the ground and became invisible.

The tomato rows are almost invisible after I plant them. They are so small compared to everything else.

After 6 weeks, I gave up on the 2 rows that never sprouted. I'll miss the pumpkins and bell peppers. I guess 10 out of 12 rows isn't too bad, but I would have really liked to cook with those peppers. :(

I decided to put the basil and cilantro into a small planter and keep it in our bathroom. There really wasn't room in the box garden, and I've been told the herbs will do just fine in a small planter box.

Lots of new leaves! I have these labeled as onions, but my mom & Gram insisted these weren't onions. So maybe I mislabeled something & these really are pumpkins????

I'm really hoping this is some fruit coming out of the squash & not just more leaves. This was last Saturday....

And by the end of the week on Friday, they are starting to look more promising.

Even a week after being in the ground, the tomato plants still look so sad compared all the green going on at the other end of the planter box.

The end of week 6 & everything is still alive! WOOHOO!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We finished testing early & I came home last night.

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