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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Zoe & the Golf Ball

These were actually taken a few weeks back after our walk.

Zoe is OBSESSIVE about golf balls. I realize I've never taken a picture of her with one because she usually plays with John. He will chip the balls and she will retrieve and destroy them. SHE LOVES THEM!

We found one in the field and so I spent a few minutes throwing it for her.

It's waaaay fun on the concrete and with the curbs because it bounces really high and ricochets off the curbs.

Good times.....

I do really worry that she's going to crack a tooth catching it one day or break one with all the chewing on them that she does.

Oh well....let the chasing begin!

She was really pretty good at tracking it and catching it. The yellow ball was great to photograph too!

One more throw!

Now we go home.....

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: April is over & May is here- lots of fun stuff coming up!


Rocket said...

Zoe: Your mom takes wonderful photos. I don't care for balls very much unless they are covered in pheasant scent.... then I'm a fool for them.

Rhonda said...

I love Zoe pics!

Attie likes to try and catch rocks....we have to make sure when we throw them in the river she isn't near them because she did chip a tooth once. Crazy doggies!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics.

Just one comment. Golf balls have a chemical in them which leaks when they break. If Zoe is destroying them she could be ingesting some of it.

Zoe looks gorgeous and lots of fun

Anna and Zig