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Monday, May 19, 2008

Houston Astros Game

Last Thursday, we hit up our first baseball game of the season after work.
Minute Maid Stadium is only a few years old, and it's a really great place to catch a baseball game.
Of course with H & his friends, the pre-game must start with a few rounds of drinks at the BUS across the street.
Although Matt & Savannah were actually sitting with us, Mark also happened to have tickets to the game that night with his friend. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of Matt & Savannah in their cute matching Astro's Jerseys.

I wasn't too interested in baseball that night, but did enjoy our view of the skyline at sunset. This is our new courthouse, just beyond center field.

H's company has really great seats, and we get to go a few times a year.
It was a pretty good crowd for a really warm Thursday night.
I was really waiting the whole night just for the sun to set and turn the clouds pink. It made my whole night. Oh- I think the Astro's won too. ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Having some fun today testing cars on the track in Detroit.


Christy said...

WOOHOO Yeah 'stros!
But I've gotta say I'm not a huge fan of our ballpark, I think they could've done a better job with it--it doesn't FEEL like a ballpark (like Yankee Stadium). :-)

Amanda said...

Oh!!! I love the sunset photo!