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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McKinney Falls

The highlight of our camping trip was the actual trip to McKinney Falls. We hung out at the lower falls & were lucky enough to have the place almost to ourselves when we arrived around lunch time.

The water was still a little bit chilly & you needed to work yourself in slowly....and not be splashed by a crazy-running puppy.

Mia had a BLAST there...we were able to let her off leash when nobody was around and she swam like a fish and was pointing at things left and right.

Rowdy even perked up quite & was swimming and fetching his Frisbee.

The rock game is always great fun- dogs will chase the rocks around for ages.

Mia would put her whole head underwater at times looking for rocks.

The Frisbee is her new favorite toy & we threw it endlessly at the falls.

It didn't take long for more and more people to come wandering out and ruin our little peaceful oasis.

Mia and Kiran kept each other entertained just beautifully...Kiran liked splashing and Mia liked catching the splashes.

Love how Mia is mid-prance and Kiran is mid-run.

The guys sat around chatting and was a great time!

The kids entertained themselves and I took photos....all was well for a while.

Mia was having a blast...I need to get her out more into nature and interacting with fun dog stuff.

It didn't take long for all the crowds to show up, including a few groups of girl scouts.

We headed out, but stopped by the river a bit further up to check out where we'd stopped last time.

Don't get many pictures of me and the dog, so I'll take this one- bad hair and soaking wet dog in all.

The riverbed leading down to the falls is an unusual solid rock surface that can be a bit tricky in wet flip flops. I'm so glad we had such a blast hanging out at the falls and a great time with our friends in perfect weather. It's death-heat of summer time & will be the fall before we can get out camping again.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Headed to Vermont tonight- a new state for my Life Travel Log & & I'm very excited!

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