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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mia's Throne

I was a little nervous about taking Mia camping, but once she learned how to lounge in the was all cake!

She always managed to snag the nicest, most comfortable chair.

And then she's position herself to get the maximum sunshine.

She was initially relegated to this little chair before H showed up with the rest of our chairs.

Toes and tail hanging was a wee bit too small.

She only knocked it over (fell off??) a few times before mastering a new, important skill.

She'd get situated just so perfectly and then..

...suddenly be distracted by a bird or a bug and get all catwywompus again.

And finally just went to sleep...

All in all, Mia did great camping! I'm certain Zoe enjoyed spending time alone with my parents and being Mia-free for a few days.

Photos taken ~May 1, 2010 Mia 11 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My first free Saturday in AGES- no hubby, no work, no chores, no parties...just going to relax and get caught up!

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