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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cathedral Square Christchurch

The obvious highlight of Cathedral Square is the Anglican church that sits prominently in the middle of it.

We got lucky and were there during the Festival of Flowers.

Normally you can pay a few bucks to walk to the top of the bell tower for a few view, but we paid a few bucks to get inside and check out some amazing florals.

The highlight was the floral carpet that ran the entire length of the center aisle towards the alter.

The church itself was quite lovely and had some beautifully detailed walls.

Like you'd expect, no shortage of beautiful stained glass.

The alter area had some really neat murals and designs.

There were so many types and colors of flowers that I'd never seen before.

Purple and black was an interesting color combination.

Each of the individual arrangements was its own work of art that depicted some theme.

The flower blanket was really cool....

...all the different colors and textures and heights and smells...

...if I was rich, I'd have a new one made for me every few weeks...

Some of the plants and flowers didn't even look real.

I'm really inspired by this pink & purple combination. I'm still gathering ideas for how to decorate my office at the new house.

Can't be a blog post without a picture of us!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Headed back to make more dinners tonight!

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