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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Downtown Christchurch

We enjoyed Auckland, but the South Island was where out trip was at & we were excited to get there. We few down to Christchurch & eventually made a loop on the south end of the South Island before coming back to spend a few more nights in ChCh. We just had 1 night, but I'm glad we took it because the weather was spectacular!

Downtown Christchurch is a very quaint little area & we started out by walking down this pedestrian mall waiting for the trolley to come along. There were lots of outdoor restaurants and some beautiful flower displays along the way.

As we approached the Avon River, there was a great memorial over the Bridge of Remembrance to honor New Zealand's soldiers in World War I.

The Avon River flows along at serene and peaceful pace and just adds so much ambiance to the area.

The river banks were lined with all sorts of beautiful trees- some of which I'd never seen anything like before.

The bridge itself was filled with a few kids trying out urban street tricks.

It was a perfect weather day & there were so many people- tourists and ordinary Kiwi's alike, out enjoying the sun on the river banks.

We watched several ducks diving fully underwater to search for their lunch.

We made our way over to these restaurants across from the River and enjoyed our own lunch.

Another peaceful scene down by the river- reminds me of days gone by...

Another beautifully manicured little park right on the river's edge.

Fountains & flowers! Usually when things are this beautiful, you have to pay admission to the grounds or gardens.

We finally caught sight of the little trolley that does a loop around downtown and stops at all the neat tourist areas.

Back down Worchester Street towards Cathedral Square- unfortunately the front of the cathedral was under renovations.

There was some really neat and interested old architecture & I loved all the neat arcade type of shops on the ground floor.

More flowers and greens pace inside Cathedral Square.

Beautiful blue skies & abundant sunshine- it was the perfect day to walk the city and see it up close.

Such an excellent place to people watch- lots of tourist, lots of vendors, lots of local, lots of birds and entertainers and food and music.

I'm such a sucker for clocks...I love how they all do the same thing and can be so beautifully different.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Spending Mother's Day with our wonderful moms!

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