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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camping McKinney Falls SP

A few weekends back, we went with some of our friends to McKinney Falls State Park for a weekend of camping. Nothing like catching people making funny faces!

Mike brought his son Kiran & he was so adorable.

We'd reserved to spots, but set up all 3 tents around the same area so we could all hang out.

On a non-camping day, hubby would never be caught dead in a shirt this wrinkled.

We had some crazy Texas spring weather & we couldn't decide if it was going to be hot or cold or sunny or rainy.

Mike & Kiran made breakfast on Saturday & he even helped with the dishes.

Kiran kept begging somebody to play horseshoes with him & H finally obliged him to a mini-game.

5 adults...3 dogs...1 kid = tons of fun!

Piccar was a strange dog & Mike tried his best to keep her chilled out.

We left Zoe at home to hang out with the 'rents & Mia did pretty well on her 2nd camping trip.

F-0694 by you.

After horseshoes, Kiran wanted to play checkers & suckered H into playing.

Somebody gave Kiran an "emergency whistle" for his big camping trip & we had to teach him to use it *ONLY* in an emergency.

It was perfect weather- cool enough to even wear pants on Saturday morning.

Breakfast was so good, Mike took a little mid-morning nap.

As the sun came out, we went to check out the falls & saw an awesome field of flowers on the way.

Macho, macho men!

Mike is a great dad & Kiran is super sweet.

Even got a shot of us!

Mia wanted in on the flower-photo action too.

Back at the camp, we played our favorite game, Catch Phrase.

Kiran was awesome at the game- there were thing that were way over his head or before his time & he still managed to find a way describe them somehow.

It's like a hot potato drinking game....good times all around!

H is very animated when the's super cute.

There were hundreds of butterflies all around & they were a constant hazard to my glass of wine.

Mia joined in the circle was interested in everything we were doing.

Mark was in charge of dinner & cooked up some mean burgers and hot dogs.

H caught a little afternoon nap....

Mark even brings chili for the dawgs...

Speaking of dogs, this puppy was sad when the trip was over & she had to go home.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Found a spot for a future girls dinner- Charlottesville, VA is a super cute little town.

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NicoleFieldsPhotography said...

That dog is gorgeous! Now I want to go camping!