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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Houston iFest

The last weekend in April, we headed downtown to the Houston iFest. It's a giant party that we've been trying to get to for years, but finally made it this year to celebrate the Caribbean!

Anyplace that stocks DOZENS of coolers full of margaritas and daiquiris is ready for a great party.

Set in Sam Houston park downtown & on several adjoining streets, it was a great day to be outside enjoying the weather before it got too hot.

Lots of bands, lots of food, and lots of booze.

There are a handful of old resorted houses from the late 1800's that are now part of a historical exhibit that can be toured at Sam Houston Park.

They setup a stage over the fountain at city hall for performances.

We enjoy seeing all the people, checking out all the cultural art and indulging in any excuse to eat fair food.

Such a good hubby to hold my drink while I was snapping away with my camera.

I've living in Houston all my life and never noticed this giant water sculpture before- the water would turn on and pour out the top of the tall cylinders.

All in all, a very much needed break from work and house repairs.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: FINALLY got caught up on transferring my New Zealand photos to my iMac and backing them all up on to get onto blogging the rest of them.

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