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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring in the Park

Try to sneak a few personal posts about my crazy life in here & then we'll get back to New Zealand! After getting back from vacation & among the midst of moving and packing, I tried to get the dogs out to the park as much as possible to get out some energy. They are both very excited when we turn towards the park & start scanning the fields when I open up the hatch.

Mia has turned into a first class little pointer- there are tons of birds out there for her to practice on most evenings.

Lots and lots of chasing....

Another pretty point.

Puppies look so silly running through the fields.

Even Zoe was getting her run on this afternoon.

The one great thing is that Mia pretty much sticks close to Zoe and doesn't wander off too far.

Lots of puppy smiles...

Mia sees Zoe running towards me and comes running right behind her.

Zoe's face is almost completely white now, but she's still got tons of energy to run and chase.

Photos taken April 6, 2010 Mia exactly 10 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Can't wait to enjoy this weekend- it's our first without wall-to-wall plans other than work on the house.

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