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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bayflats Lodge in Seadrift

Oh, mercy! Another week has come and gone on my neglected little blog. I'll quit complaining and offering excuses and just blog! I wanted to show you around the super cool lodge we stayed at on our awesome fishing trip- Bayflats Lodge in Seadrift Texas. Dad scored some off-season rates & there was only 1 other group of guys there with us. H & I shared this stand-alone cottage with bunk beds for quite a few people & a little living room.

There is a great outdoor dining area where everybody gathers in the evenings to start the drinks & receive their scrumptious appetizers.

The lodge isn't exactly on the water's edge, but it's very close. That was the only small drawback I saw- it would have been great to be right on the water & hear the waves. The owner & all of the staff were incredibly friendly & took great care of us.

I assume some nights they bust out the fire pit for entertaining. The lodge had tons of gear to borrow & they also do quite a bit of bird hunting during season.

The upstairs porch was a great place to sit and relax while they cleaned & packaged up all of our catch. The nice thing about having a guide is that somebody else cleans all the gear & takes care of all the fish while we showered to go home.

The inside of the lodge was also really nice & we enjoyed a 5-star meal on Thursday night after we arrived.

Gotta love a place with rocking chairs- something about them just soothes the soul.

Most of the rooms had bunk beds for guys outings, but they had some really awesome hunting & fishing decor on the walls- it even mad dad dance for joy.

Hubby wasn't too sure about all this fishing excitement....

Poor Brenda- she gets all of dad's leftover fishing gear....

Dad demonstrates how to use your time wisely to manicure your nails when not using your clippers to cut fishing line. All in all, we had a blast & I'd highly recommend Bayflats lodge to others. Hopefully we can make this an annual trip for the four of us.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Our shutters are being installed tomorrow.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks beautiful! Not to mention windy!