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Friday, May 28, 2010

Crawfish Party

Two weekends ago (see- I'm not THAT far behind on blogging....well, except for February-April!), we hosted our first party at our new house & it was a crawfish boil!

After an absolute deluge on Friday night, it kept raining Saturday morning. The 3 car garage came in handy & we setup one of our camping shelters. Curtis & his buddy John showed up early to get things cooking.

MMMM! Sausage and potatoes....the corn was around somewhere too.

This is what you do when you are in your 30's and own a home- stand around taking about landscaping options!

There were a whole series of hysterical shot & this was the most appropriate one to post.

The lovely ladies were there too...

Making it a full seafood day- Curtis brought oysters to grill & my mom made shrimp & crab gumbo.

These two were extra happy because they heading out for a 7-day cruise the next day!

We set up tables in the garage & invited all of mom's neighbors to come over too.

Mark is a master shucker & was attempting to teach my hubby out to do so...

...without much success!

Luckily, these babies were yummy with melted butter & some cheese!

My husband can't understand why he had no luck! I just love that exasperated expression- I see it often!

Sue brought some delicious desserts.

Thank heavens we'd installed those extra fans in the garage & it stopped raining when cigar time came around.

James is the awesome neighbor!

Hot steaming crawfish...dozens and dozens of pounds of them.

Time to get down to business...I don't eat crawfish very often because I am generally too lazy to peel them, don't like the giant mess & can't get full on those tine guys.

Then rain eventually cleared out and the guys made their cigar circle in the driveway.

Mark retold his engagement story in the Florida Keys- it was priceless.

Matt was trying to remember all the lessons Mark learned from the proposal.

John was just laughing at all the guys mayhem and madness.

When the pineapple shots came out again, we knew it was a great party!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Travelmania- Seattle in June, Philly in July, South Caroline in August, and Mexico in October...can't wait!


Christy said...

Looks like a fun Crawfish Boil. Mmmm I love crawfish...I can eat 5lbs. on my own. :)

Michele said...

Are you going to Philly for work or fun?