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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bathing in the Sunlight

About once a month I run to Petco for dog food & pick up a handful of new toys. Most usually survive less than an hour, so I'm very excited to report that this snake has made it 2 weeks!

Mia is non-stop entertainment...she is always rolling around on her back & playing with any number of her toys.

She's quite good at juggling things in her paws.

I was waiting at home for our shutters to be installed & had the windows wide open for the pups to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Mia really cracks me up every single day...

This was my typical view...she loves to bring her toys over and chew on them as she rubs them against my leg.

Zoe was quite happy just to soak up the rays.

They both settled down for a few minutes & you can see an extra leg from a long-gone toy.

Then Mia rolls around and goes from playing with her cloth leg to nipping at Zoe's feet.

Mia got kicked in the face about 0.5 second after this shot.

Zoe actually plays with Mia quite a bit, but she's usually none too amused at all the energetic antics.

And when the sun passed over to the other side of the house, Zoe was back up on her bed and sleeping soundly.

Photos taken May 7, 2010 Mia 11 months old & Zoe 8.5 years old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Committing to 2-a-days blogging for a few weeks to get caught up on all my personal fun and our New Zealand trip.

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